HBO Has Released A Full Length Trailer For “Looking”

1. HBO’s drama Looking, about a group of twenty- and thirtysomething gay men in San Francisco, finally has a full-length trailer.

The new show, starring Jonathan Groff, is set to premiere Jan. 19.

2. We gathered a lot from the original teaser, but now we know so much more.

3. There will be beautiful San Francisco scenery.

4. There will be leather.

5. And, just maybe, a bit of aerobic dance.

6. We get to see Jonathan Groff’s adorable smile, a lot.

7. We will see cute kisses.

8. We will see hot kisses.

9. And naturally, there will be an overload of OkCupid angst.

“Instagram filters have ruined everything and I can’t tell if this guy is hot or not.”

11. Check out the full-length trailer:

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