Hacked Magic 8 Ball Tells Customizable Fortunes

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For DIY-er, inventor and maker Jason Poel Smith, the Magic 8 Ball was an amusing toy, but it could only respond to questions with 20 possible answers. So he decided to give it a serious upgrade.

In his Instructables project, Smith provided detailed steps for removing the 20-sided fortune die inside the Magic 8 Ball and replacing it with a digital picture keychain. Tweaking the toy this way enables it to generate up to 60 different image responses, or fortunes.


Image: Instructables

The hack involved sawing the ball in half, removing the tube that contained the 20-sided die and blue liquid it floated in, placing in a clear plastic to shield the digital keychain and putting in a section of a PVC pipe to hold the digital keychain in place. Smith also included button extenders and a USB port to enable access to the keychain and change the image responses any time.


Image: Instructables

Check out the video above to see how Smith rewired the classic toy.

Image: Flickr, Casey Fleser

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