Guy Perfectly Sums Up Why Men Hate Having Their Picture Taken So Much (Video)

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In his latest video, YouTube star Robbie Sherrard decided to tackle the topic of why men don’t like having their picture taken.

In the hilarious video, Sherrard details the reasons men should never, in his opinion, be photographed.

One of the reasons he outlines is that men “don’t have the natural instinct of what to do” when their photograph is being taken, and most photos end in an awkward flash of unsightly pit stains.

He also asks,

How the hell are you supposed to not look like a jackass in a picture?

Sherrard delivers these hilariously ridiculous reasons with a totally deadpan expression, making the video a sarcastic humor masterpiece.

Watch it up top — it’s sure to lighten up the stress of the midday blues.

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