Guy Has Epic Reaction While Filming The Most Wimpy Fight Of All Time (Video)

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I’ve always been taught to avoid passing judgement on people based entirely on their physical appearance, so at the risk of coming across as presumptuous, I’m going to go ahead and guess that a lot of the people in this video have lived a life many would describe as “sheltered.”

There’s a chance these roving gangs of Caucasian males wearing ties, dress pants and an unnecessary amount of white are all products of a rough-and-tumble upbringing, but there’s a far better chance that they’re actually products of a private school somewhere.

In my experience, a lot of kids with this kind of background are specialists in a field of martial arts most commonly referred to as “bro fighting,” which is known for its excessive posturing, frequent shoves and a general lack of bodily injury at the conclusion of any fracas.

I’d say more, but I can’t put it better than the guy who filmed the video, when he shook his head for 10 seconds straight.

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