Guantanamo Shuts Down Wi-Fi After Anonymous Makes Threats

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Officials at the American military base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba have shut down Wi-Fi access throughtout the camp and banned the use of any social networks following threats from hacktivist collective Anonymous.

Anonymous announced “Operation Guantanamo,” an online campaign to protest the conditions of inmates at the base, two weeks ago. Army spokesperson Lt. Col. Samuel House told the Associated Press the decision was made to avoid any disruptions by Anonymous. None have been reported so far.

Anonymous officially announced the operation on May 6 on Twitter and YouTube.

A majority of prisoners currently at Guantanamo — 103 out of 166 — are on hunger strike to protest their conditions and their indefinite detention. Anonymous launched its operation in solidarity with their strike. The hacktivists’ goal is to “raise awareness in social media of the human rights violations going on at Guantanamo, the indefinite detention of prisoners, many of whom have been cleared for release years ago.”

Could Anonymous actually do anything to Guantanamo? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Image via Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

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