Germs Spread From Toilet Seats To Your Mouth Way Faster Than You Think (Video)

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The amount of germs the average office worker has on his or her hands is almost as disturbing as how quickly they are spread.

This video features Dr. Lisa Ackerley, a professional fellow at the Royal Society of Public Health, happily divulging how germ-infested an office can be when people forget to wash their hands, don’t use sanitizer and leave the toilet seat up.

Office computers are covered in germs, with studies showing 3,000 germs per square inch on a keyboard and 1,600 on a mouse.

Using the bathroom without washing one’s hands, which one in four office employees do, leaves 200 million germs on each hand ready to spread on whatever the individual touches next.

But all this can be avoided by a few simple precautions as 80 percent of infections are spread by hand.

H/T: Daily Mail

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