Firework Launch Gone Wrong Turns Neighbor’s Backyard Into A War Zone (Video)

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Unless you decide to pull a Ted Kaczynski and post up in a shack in the middle of Montana, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re going to have to deal with inconsiderate neighbors at some point in your life.

Maybe you live across the hall from a couple who hasn’t realized eight hours of fighting a day probably doesn’t meet the standards of a “healthy relationship,” or perhaps you’re lucky enough to live next to an “antique collector” who thinks rusty hubcaps make fantastic lawn ornaments.

I’m not sure where “the neighbor who shoots fireworks directly into your backyard” ranks on the list of People You Never Want to Deal With, but I’m assuming most people don’t want to be woken up to a simulated war zone in their backyard.

At least they apologized in the YouTube description. That should make everything better.

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