‘File under butthurt’: Brazile says Bergdahl criticism is just GOP PR

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It’s all about Obama. Never before has any president been the victim of such irrational hatred. Blah blah.

If you want to understand how left wing operatives work, you can learn a lot from observing what accusations they make against the right. The Alinsky tactics employed by the left involve making opponents “look bad” whenever possible (even if it means only creating a false perception). They project this on the right whenever one of their own is under fire.

Brazile made similar statements on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

No examination or questioning of Barack Obama’s actions is about anything other than politics to the left because politics is all they know.


Brazile doubled down by tweeting a distraction piece from Media Matters’ Senior Neckbeard Oliver Willis.

They must shift the discussion from what the soldiers are saying to how they’re getting their story out. People must be distracted from the truth if it reflects badly on Barack Obama.


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