Fan Storms Field to Hug Soccer God Messi

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Sports fans who rush onto the field or pitch mid-game are often naked. Their main aim is typically to elude security guards for as long as possible and attract a maximum level of attention before being wrestled into custody.

But this guy? He just wanted a hug from the greatest soccer player of our generation.

While Lionel Messi dribbled the ball during FC Barcelona’s match against Atletico Madrid on Sunday, our enterprising outlaw fan descended from the stands and made a mad dash for the star before authorities could intervene. He gave Messi — who recently broke the world record for goals in a calendar year — a sweet hug of appreciation before peacefully cooperating with guards who led him off the pitch.

The beautiful game, indeed. See for yourself in the video above.

Thumbnail image via Getty Images/Getty Images Sport/Jasper Juinen

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