Eye on Occupy: Protester at DOJ urges laughing activists to “start killing motherfuckers”

» #Occupy DOJ speaker: “I want ya’ll to start killing Mother F–kers”: http://t.co/HYNbAK7f Oh my god, this is not good.

— Tammy (@schmolls1) April 25, 2012

No, it’s even worse.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of this clip is the response from the audience as the Occupy rapper, with convicted cop-killer Mumia abu Jamal’s massive face smiling down on them all, exhorts activists to commit murder as a more effective alternative to protesting.

The response:

They laughed.

Video and transcript Lefty Report:

“I feel a certain type of way about marches and rallies and I question the effectiveness of it. I do a lot of political work in Washington D.C. and as you all know this type of work is dangerous work to be doing.

I would just ask – If I ever got locked-up, incarcerated – please don’t march for me. Please don’t do no rallies for me. I want ya’ll to start killing

Mother F–kers.


You see, it’s funny, but that’s the only thing our government will listen to.

The protest took place on Mumia’s birthday outside the see no Occupy evil-hear no Occupy evil-speak no Occupy evil Department of Justice.

Not that silence on left-wing lynch mobs is anything new…


More coverage:

My new @reason vid: What we saw at the #OccupyDOJ Rally: http://t.co/etDyNGnN #OWS #freemumia #a24 #occupythedoj #occupy

— Anthony L Fisher (@anthonylfisher) April 25, 2012

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