Ellen Breaks Down When She Sees This Teacher’s Incredible Acts Of Kindness… I’m In Awe!

Ellen had heard about the heroic efforts of a teacher out of Albuquerque, New Mexico and knew she had to have her on her show.

The work that Sonya Romero does is truly humanitarian, selfless, and an act of kindness that is definitely worthy of attention and praise. The interview turned out epic. The kindergarten teacher works at Lew Wallace Elementary School, and she starts out each day with the following questions directed to her students: Have you eaten, do you have clean clothes, do you need to brush your hair or teeth?

When there is a need unmet, Romero is quick to solve the problem. No sitting back, waiting, or thinking about problem solving, instead she is all action and takes care of the needs of the child immediately.

This endearing action to make an immediate helpful impact brings Ellen straight to tears. Its actions like these that really do make the biggest difference in peoples lives.

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