Eliminationist retweet by Donna Brazile: ‘Prune the top 1%’



Being liberal means never having to live up to the standards you apply to your political opponents, which is why liberal commentator and political consultant Donna Brazile isn’t going to get one tenth the criticism a conservative would for retweeting the eliminationist rhetoric in this Photoshopped poster:


While retweets do not necessarily equal endorsements, Brazile’s previous tweets suggest hostility toward the wealthy, sympathy for the Occupy Wall Street movement, and agreement with the sentiment in the “prune the top 1%”  poster:


By the way, the message in the poster isn’t even original. Here’s an Occupy Wall Street protester with the same message nearly two years ago:

ows farmers march

Of course, people in the “one percent” have been responsible for thousands of innovations that make Americans’ lives better, from air conditioning and the telephone to the iPhone, iTunes, Google, and Amazon.com. These innovators are among the people whom Brazile’s followers want to “prune.”


When it comes to liberal harangues about income inequality, the late Margaret Thatcher said it best:


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