Elderly man with Alzheimer’s can barely speak…until his daughter’s dog comes to see him

Lisa Abeyta’s father has very little speech left due to the effects of advanced Alzheimer’s disease. However, when Lisa’s dog approaches him, his face lights up and he finds a way to talk…

Read more from Lisa about this video.

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6 responses to “Elderly man with Alzheimer’s can barely speak…until his daughter’s dog comes to see him”

  1. Heather Smedley says:

    Incredibly sweet and so moving.

  2. mspinoza509 says:

    Hey Nate, that’s nothing compared to what the tree pollen is doing to MY eyes! My Mother also responds strongly to our 2 big dogs and their antics. She doesn’t have Alzheimers, but she does have dementia. She keeps seeing lots of dogs that aren’t actually there.

  3. Nate says:

    Someone should really do something about all of the dust flying around my computer. Seriously, it’s making my eyes all red and watery!

  4. barcoo says:

    I didn’t expect it to affect me so much. I still have tears on my face. What is the special caring secret dogs have that no other animal does? They bring out the best in us, even in this dear man’s case.

  5. Brigitte West says:

    Can’t decide who I like most your Dad or your Dog – welling up now gotta go…

  6. Linda Murphy says:

    I cannot tell you how strongly my emotions that welled inside me watching this short clip. But I can tell you that I identify strongly with its message.

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