Dots Releases a Followup to Its Viral Hit Game

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Image: Dots

There is finally a followup to the most addictive mobile game of 2013.

Dots announced a new iPhone game on Thursday called TwoDots — yes, that’s really the name — just more than a year after releasing its flagship game. TwoDots is similar to the original in that users connect colorful dots with straight lines.

With this game, however, the goal is to complete 85 levels in order to advance through a larger journey, or “adventure.” There are also a couple new characters and features to make it stand out from the original.

The original Dots game, available on iOS and Android devices, has been downloaded more than 20 million times to date, according to the company.

Mashable first reported late last month that Dots was planning to release a followup. Paul Murphy, the company’s CEO, told us at the time that the plan was to eventually release a suite of games and build out a true gaming company.

“We do think that there is space to build a gaming company or a casual gaming company, which values how people feel when they play the games and values the aesthetics, and maybe over time gets smarter with data science,” Murphy said at the time.


Image: iTunes, TwoDots

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