Donna’s Favorite Buzz Of 2012

1. This photo from Mars.

Taken by the Curiosity rover, these are the clearest images every taken of another planet.

2. This malfunctioning cat.

And 23 other completely unexplainable GIFS.

3. Learning the high-five wasn’t invented until 1977.

There are a lot of things you never knew about everyday inventions. Go read 20 of them.

4. This DARPA robot which is surely not evolving to kill us all.

DARPA was only one of 27 science fictions that became fact this year, but they’re probably the most terrifying.

5. This really, REALLY horrible advice.

Somehow these“winning tips” got published in a magazine. Do not follow any of them.

6. The “Hawkeye Initiative”.

Ladies in comic books are posed in ridiculously painful poses. The Hawkeye Initiative aims to even the playing field a bit.

7. This nerdy science joke.

And all 19 others.

8. Finding out about 8 species we can’t bring back from extinction.

Stupid DNA half-life. How are we supposed to put saddles on Pterodactyls NOW?

9. This proof rhythmic gymnasts are wizards.

The 2012 London Olympics was ripe with mind-blowing Rhythmic Gymnastics GIFS.

10. Buzzfeed meeting the Mythbusters cast!

And Gavon, dressed as Man Hathaway, getting whipped by Kari Byron.

11. This bird.

12. This Nutella recipe.

One of 34 insanely easy two ingredient recipes. Still need to try the strawberry fudge.

13. This handy guide to telling if you have the plague.

There are 12 ways to tell if you or a loved one is infected. Know the signs.

14. This insane book about life in the Middle Ages.

If the plague didn’t get you, the killer snails would.

15. The zombie apocalypse started in Florida.

The evidence is insurmontable. We’re all gonna die, Mayan prophecy failure to launch be damned.

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