Dog tickling the baby — Cute or scary?

6 responses to “Dog tickling the baby — Cute or scary?”

  1. tracy says:

    Too sweet!

  2. Ciaran says:

    “It” is about the culture of fear because I was referring to the title, not dog/baby safety in general. As the rest of my post pointed out, the dog and baby are never alone and the mother is in reaching distance. If you want to broaden it into a wider point, a well made one at that and one I wholeheartedly agree with, that’s great just don’t springboard off what I said as if I’d said something different.

  3. Carol Cannon says:

    I’m sorry you have had such horrific experiences with dogs. But maybe, just maybe it was something you did or didn’t do. Were the dogs new to you? Did you do something that they felt was an indication that you would do harm to them or something/someone they feel was under their protection? I know that I have been too fast to try to pet a dog that I didn’t know well ….. I got a growl and once a snap…. My fault. Once the dog got to know me and accept me as family, there was never another incident AND he (a 100 pound rottie mix) became the best protector of my then 10 month old son.

  4. Carol Cannon says:

    Agreed…… The parent was there and that dog is obviously loving on his or her baby…. I have had dogs that were the best babysitters in the family. My vote: CUTE!!!!!!!

  5. Carol Cannon says:

    Tiffany….. OK…. AFTER I posted, I reread and PLEASE, I was not trying to infer that you were at fault. I was just trying to say that until an animal becomes comfortable with a person, there is a possibility of us doing something ACCIDENTALLY that would cause them to become uncomfortable with the situation and some of them turn tail and leave – and some jump up and say GET BACK! And some of us, me included, come on too strong to strange animals. (AND I had a cousin who ALL animals hated…. LOL! The parakeet attacked him several times…..) Forgive me Tiffany for… yea, coming on too strong… AGAIN.

  6. Sarah says:

    It’s not about a culture of fear, it’s about responsibility. It’s unlikely that this baby is in any danger, but the number of babies/children that are killed or seriously injured by GOOD dogs who are having a BAD day is more than you might think.This is not my website, but it’s an excellent resource for responsible dog/baby interaction. Teaching children to be good friends to dogs, and dogs to respect the fragile life entrusted to us as parents.

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