Dog Just Moved Into A New House, But Then Freaks Out When She Notices THIS Strange Thing Outside!

Moving is not just a new experience for humans, the pets involved also have a challenging time with adjusting to new environments. Not just the new terrain to get used to, but all the new smells which pets are sensitive to.

Theres also all the new rules which pets have to get used to due to the new environment. It can be like having to train them all over again. There needs to be some initial breaking in time for animals and new home environments. Dogs are very interesting to observe when they initially move into a new home. They will sniff around cautiously, or else they will barrel head on into their new terrain.

Case in point was this pup named Christy who saw that her new home came with a swimming pool! Wasting no time, Christy barreled straight for it! No hesitating for this little girl – she knows a good pool when she sees one and she could not wait to dive on in! Once she is in, she loves it! She even got out so she could dive right back in! Check out how happy this puppy is in her new swimming pool. What a little champ!

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