Dog Barks Loudly, Then Softly, Per Owner’s Request

We love dogs here at Wimp. We love their adorable faces, their happy-go-lucky attitudes, their wagging tails, even their occasionally hilariously bad behavior. But let’s face it, barking is never anyone’s favorite aspect of dogs. Sometimes it can be cute, or even helpful, but more often than not it’s something you’re not really interested in. Most dogs can be successfully trained to keep barking to a minimum. But can barking be funny? And would you want to train your dog to bark?

In the case of one Japanese woman and her pup, the answer to both of those questions is a resounding yes. She has taught her dog to very cleverly bark at different volume levels. All the way from a “shout” to a “whisper” of a bark. The results are not only adorable, they’re surprisingly funny to watch in action.

This dog seems to be pretty clever, and be in quite a bit of control over his own voice. Or maybe she’s just really, really good at training. I certainly wouldn’t mind her coming over and working her magic on my beagle. If I could tell him to speak a little more quietly, I think everyone within a few miles of me would be eternally grateful. As it is, you definitely known when he’s spotted a squirrel. Or the garbage man. Or a leaf. Or if he’s bored and wants to come inside. Or if he’s hungry. Or, well, I guess he doesn’t need much of a reason to let loose the loudest howl in the world. He is a beagle, after all.

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