Disrespectful MMA Fighter Tries to Bully Opponent and Gets Punished

The amazing thing about mixed martial arts is the amount of respect that occurs with so many of the competitors. There are handshakes before a fight, and no matter who wins, handshakes after. Of course this is not always the case. Heres a perfect example.

This guy actually made a video of himself and all his teammates flipping his opponent off before they were to fight. He talked a big game and major smack to the cameras throughout the entire run up to the fight. When weigh ins happened he provoked his opponent and ended up getting shoved away like a ragdoll. That should have been a warning sign of what was to come. Anzor Azhiev and Vaso Bakocevic finally faced off and its safe to say, the shit talker, Bakocevic, got his ass handed to him big time. Watch what happens after the fight. No handshakes for this one, but a major bitch slap to the belly to the shit talking loser!

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