Disgraceful: Amb. Susan Rice ditched Netanyahu’s speech for lunch with Hillary


Yesterday, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the UN General Assembly. Common sense — and decency — would dictate that Susan Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the UN, would be present for such an occasion. Rice, however, felt differently. Her empty chair stayed behind to take in the speech while she slipped out for lunch with Hillary Clinton. Priorities! What’s one of America’s most important and faithful allies when a Cobb salad is on the line? Not much, apparently.

Fox News’ Greta van Susteren discussed the snub with our former UN ambassador, John Bolton. Both saw it as a bad move on Rice’s part, a move particularly troubling in light of the treatment Israel has received from the UN and from our own president. Bolton called it “simply one more brick in the wall of the case that the president’s perfectly prepared to isolate Israel and that he does not hold the U.S.-Israel relationship in the same regard high regard as every other president going back to Harry Truman.”

Rice’s lunch date left a bad taste in many people’s mouths:

Susan Rice did not attend Netanyahu speech today because she was busy lunching with other politically appointed snobs

— Bill (@DefendWallSt) September 28, 2012

GOOD LORD! Even Obama Ambassador Susan Rice BLEW OFF Netanyahu Today! Unreal.

— Jim Hoft (@gatewaypundit) September 28, 2012

So…Susan Rice was not at Netanyahu speech nor Hillary Clinton….#keepingitclassy

— jerie shirley black (@jerieblack) September 28, 2012

Bad manners ? Rice goes to lunch while #Netanyahu speaks ? This admin is DESPICABLE

— Cene Papanicolaou (@Cenepk10) September 28, 2012

#TotallyDisgraceful @statedept RT @gatewaypundit GOOD LORD! Even Obama Ambassador Susan Rice BLEW OFF Netanyahu Today! Unreal.

— Tom T. (@VRWCTexan) September 28, 2012

If its true, and I'm not doubting it, that Ambassador Rice walked out on Netanyahu speech, she's scum and the crap I scrap off my shoe!

— sandy (@tnacgal) September 28, 2012

The LYING, living, Amb. Rice snubs #Netanyahu's UN Speech? Betcha, Amb. Stevens would have liked to hear it. MT @Cenepk10 Bad manners ?

— Joe Hilger (@JoeHilgerman) September 28, 2012

this whatever needs to go right now, she is nothing but a farce living off the taxpayer dime for doing nothing! http://t.co/f1pdfLNC

— James Allen (@dasred) September 28, 2012

WHY aren't the MSM's berating Am.Susan Rice as #emptychair during Netanyahu speech?Had lunch with Hillary Clinton & other officials instead.

— Kate (@catydoodle) September 28, 2012

Most embarrassing Administration ever: UN Amb Rice disses Netanyahu speech at the UN, fails to do her job or show up http://t.co/iSTgE3iX

— Vern Demerest (@TxAv8r) September 28, 2012

Disgusting & no excuse she lost some of my respect RT @TarynOnthenews Video: Rice skipped Netanyahu speech at the UN http://t.co/q3QFvXNz

— Traditional American (@RightWingAngel) September 28, 2012

There certainly isn’t any excuse, though a few Twitterers offered up some that Rice might try for:

Susan Rice couldn't be at Bibi's speech because she had to go to a movie.

— John Podhoretz (@jpodhoretz) September 28, 2012

Or watch a video, mayhaps?

Needed update on "video" investigation RT@DRUDGE_REPORT: Ambassador Rice Blows Off Netanyahu Speech, Lunches W/ Hillary http://t.co/eygnE985

— Michael Graham (@IAMMGraham) September 28, 2012

As disgusting as Rice’s lack of respect for Israel was, it’s par for the course in the Obama Administration. Hillary herself blew Netanyahu off to canoodle with Palestinian president and terrorist sympathizer Mahmoud Abbas:

(Photo) #SecClinton meets with Palestinian Authority President Abbas during #UNGA in New York: http://t.co/7miZb7VD #Palestine

— Department of State (@StateDept) September 27, 2012

And lest we forget, President Obama is the grand poobah of dropping Israel to keep up with the demand for eye candy. So really, Rice is just following in his footsteps:

Greta Van Susteren informs us UN Secretary Susan "Spontaneous" Rice did NOT attend PM Netanyahu's address to the UN. That's her boss' style.

— The Growling Panther (@growlingpanther) September 27, 2012

So.. Obama blows off Netanyahu and doesn't even have the decency to have our UN ambassador sit for Bibi's speech? http://t.co/tnHTljWU #tcot

— RB (@RBPundit) September 28, 2012

Obama "too busy" to see Bibi. Amb. Rice skipped Bibi's UN speech to have lunch w/Hillary Clinton. http://t.co/nVB9ZZFx Message? Oh, yes.

— Jewish Policy Center (@thejpc) September 28, 2012

They’re sending a message, all right. And that message is “screw Israel.”


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