Dad’s Makeup Tutorial Voiceover Is The Funniest Thing You’ll See Today

When I need beauty advice, the first place I go is YouTube.

There are a ton of great tutorials and videos out there that can show just about anyone how to create the latest makeup looks. YouTuber Megan Mitchell (known on the site as meggs and bacon), is a 13-year-old makeup enthusiast who posts tutorials. Usually she gets a few hundred views, but after posting a video featuring her dad’s narration, that turned into thousands.

His voiceover of her daily makeup routine is endearing, hilarious, and has a lot of dad jokes.

Youtube / meggs and bacon

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Megan told BuzzFeed that her dad is really supports her hobby. “He thinks that I have way too much makeup and spend way too much time on that kind of stuff,” she said. “But I think overall he’s proud that I do it as a hobby and not because I’m insecure or anything.”

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