Dad creatively punishes his 15-year-old for a disrespectful Facebook post

This dad just saw a letter that his daughter posted to Facebook. It’s to her parents, but she thought they weren’t going to see it, and it’s appallingly rude. (The beginning of the video includes NSFW language because he reads the girl’s post.)

After giving her a severe dressing-down, he proceeds to video her punishment…which, by the way, she did not need to be present to receive.

Skip 6 minutes in for the 2 minute version and for the crazy part… You don’t want to miss the end.

I’m sure this dad loves his daughter. Unfortunately, he’s too angry here to seem like he ultimately has her interest in mind. Also, I’m not sure the publicity of this stunt is going to help his cause. Regardless of the flaws of his reaction, however, I think the punishment itself does fit the crime.

What do you think?

Update: Some follow-up thoughts from the dad.

(via Reddit)

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