Cyclist Finds Abandoned Dog “Ten Miles From The Nearest Anything”

The strong bond that exist between humans and dogs is entirely undeniable. Since dogs were domesticated thousands of years ago, they have been worthy of their reputation as “man’s best friend.” This unconditional love goes both ways; people would search for years for their pup if they’re lost and dogs depend entirely, without question, on their humans for affection and care. Sadly, though, not all people can be counted on to do right by the pups they find in their care.

This fact is made all too clear by bicyclist James McHugh’s unexpected discovery, made while taking a long bike ride along rural roads. “Ten miles from the nearest anything,” McHugh spied something on the side of the road: the box that ended up containing a tiny pup. The short video makes it clear that lack of affection and sweet disposition certainly weren’t the reasons for her harsh abandonment. Although he was in the middle of nowhere with only the clothes on his back and a bike, McHugh still figured out a way to bring this adorable girl back home with him. 

Through this video, McHugh implored people to get in touch with him if they recognized her. Sadly, McHugh shared that “nobody claimed her, but I’ve had people from all corners of the globe calling/emailing asking to adopt her.” In the end, this pup didn’t have to make a long journey after the one she already went on with McHugh to get back to safety; she found a forever home with one of McHugh’s neighbors, who named her Luna. While he wanted to keep her himself, McHugh already has two rescue dogs; letting her find a happy, healthy life with his neighbor is probably the next best thing, though!

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