Crowds surging for Romney; NYT’s Jeff Zeleny compares them to Obama’s in ’08!/Capegirl51/status/257507718024294401

Conservatives are fired up, and one indicator of that is the fact that Mitt Romney’s crowds are massive in crucial battleground states like Ohio.


— tannngl (@tannngl) October 14, 2012

@CNN@MSNBC@ABC, why are we not seeing the SIZE of crowds for Romney, in comparison 2 BHO’s crowds at same time? Afraid of being discovered?

— Laura Van Overscheld (@LauraVanOversc1) October 14, 2012

Jeff Zeleny from the New York Times likens them to Obama’s crowds in 2008:

SIDNEY, Ohio (AP) — The crowds tell the story. As Election Day nears, Mitt Romney is drawing large and excited throngs of people.

— Joe Cienkowski (@JoeCienkowski) October 14, 2012

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