Critically Endangered Parrot Humps Zoologist

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Ah, the Kakapo. This parrot lives in New Zealand and was recently categorized as Critically Endangered, with only about 130 individuals left. Kakapos are flightless birds, so when the area became colonized and humans (either consciously or inadvertently) introduced new predators like cats and ferrets into the environment, they were unable to evade these predators. 

Understanding the reproductive behavior of animals is critical to their conservation. While most zoologists are content to just sit back and watch the process, a particular Kakapo named Sirocco seems to have decided that Mark Carwardine would benefit by playing a more interactive role in his mating process. Stephen Fry could hardly contain himself as he watched the bird mount and then hump Carwardine.

Check it out:

Sirocco didn’t even have the decency to call the next day. Typical male bird.

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