Cop Feeds A Hungry Homeless Man. Then 6 Months Later, He Gets This Voicemail…

Sometimes its a simple act that can completely change the course of someones life.

This has a huge impact when that person is someone in need. Such was the case with the chance encounter between Deputy Holman of the Greenville County Sheriffs Office in South Carolina, and a homeless man named Robert Morris who was alcohol and drug addicted. The man was soaking wet in the rain. Holman pulled over and it was clear the man could not only use a moment to get dry but also could use someone to talk to. They proceeded to a church and began talking about the struggles Morris has faced in his life. The officer brought the man some food, and asked if there was anything else the man needed.

Yeah, I need a Bible.

The officer usually has a few spare Bibles in his car. But on this night, he had only one. His personal one. The one he had spent hours upon hours marking up and highlighting various passages. Holman struggled with the idea of actually giving up his sentimental personal Bible.

I wrestled with the fact that I knew my personal Bible was in the car and I didnt necessarily want to give that up. But I kind of felt like God was telling me, He needs this more than you do.

Check this out and listen to these two reveal how the rest of this story unfolds. Very touching and extremely inspirational. It was a life-saving moment that would steer the life of both of these men in directions they never expected.

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