Construction Workers Find Letter To Santa From 1943

It seems like every Christmas there’s a hot new toy that’s on every child’s wish list. Whether it’s Tickle Me Elmo or this year’s sleek Hoverboard, kids will always send letters to Santa asking for the must-have item. But what was it like 50 years ago? 100? 2,000? Were kids in the year 15 A.D. asking for the same brand of slingshot? Obviously, people weren’t celebrating Christmas that long ago, but they were celebrating it in 1943, the year that a young boy named David wrote a heartfelt letter to Father Christmas.

This letter was recently discovered in a chimney by construction workers who were about to tear it down. Preserved in perfect condition for 72 years, the letter asks for gifts far more modest than the ones kids ask for today. This fascinating letter, and the man who wrote it, take us back to a time when Christmases were simpler.

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