Community Post: We All Need To Swap The Super Bowl For The Kitten Bowl In 2015


To celebrate The Big Game this year, The Hallmark Channel teamed up with the North Shore League America to host their Inaugural Kitten Bowl. They knew that kittens shouldn’t be confined to a half-time show during the Puppy Bowl and felt these felines deserved their own time to shine. All of the kitten athletes that participated were guaranteed forever homes through this partnership. Just watching five minutes of this game was more exciting than any Super Bowl.

Here are some reasons why you need to make the switch next year!

2. Their names and positions are WAY cooler than any current NFL players.

5. These guys know their way around a ball or two.

6. Like, really know their way around a ball.

7. Seriously. Cats like balls.

8. No fumbles or interceptions here.

9. These touchdowns and field goals require a precise level of skill only kittens can achieve,

10. The Kitten Bowl provided useful facts that we can use in our everyday lives.

11. There were crazy amounts of action on and off the field. Never a dull moment.

12. This was an inspiration for others to get active.

13. The kittens showed levels of athleticism never once known to humankind before.

14. There was colorful yarn.

15. The fans are treated like royalty and given the most comfortable accommodations possible.

16. The players have faces like THIS:

17. Football players will not play with the confetti after the game, but we know who will!

18. Good job Hallmark Channel, I’ll be tuning again in next year!

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