Community Post: Top 5 Hysterical Moments Of Mike Rowe Hosting 90’s QVC

5. Noah’s Ark Bag with No Space and Unidentifiable Animals

“If you really need a lot of carrying space, you probably don’t want this…” (although debating what all the animals are could arguably be even funnier)

4. Non-Homo Sapien Cherubs

“You don’t want to let these fall. They are made of Earthenware and they won’t do too well with impact I’m afraid.”

3. Precious Moments Love Lifted Me – From a Technical Standpoint Actually Your Weight Lifted Me

“Don’t these look like those guys who hung out in Whoville? Cindy Lou Who. Like Smurfs, sort of…What were they called…Hooters?”

2. Doll’s Mouse is a Pretty Well Satisfied Rodent

“I have no idea how this song goes,” then sings out of tune, “got a red bow on my skirt and a mouse in my hand. I wonder if Merry actually knows the words? What if the mouse knows the words?”

1. Crinkling Katsak with Cat Drawn On It

“This is some of the most gripping video we’ve ever had to opportunity to bring you folks at home…Whose cat is that?”

BONUS – The Katsak Returns – 2013

Mike Rowe evaluates his original QVC Katsak presentation from almost 25 years ago and tries to sell it again!

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