Community Post: The Trippiest Video About A Bridge Replacement Ever Made

1. Some picture North Carolina like this:

Shake and bake!

2. And some picture it like this:

Us North Carolinians love a good back massage almost as much as we love South Carolina’s cheap gas.

3. But according to the Department of Transportation it’s this:

Normally government sponsored videos can be kind of drab. But it looks like the DOT in the good ole Tarheel State is changing that with this psychedelic, seizure-inducing, shroom-fest of a project video. Do yourself a favor and check out this masterpiece of a video in all its glory.

4. The electronic music had me like:

5. Waiting for the drop was like:

6. And then that truck teleported and I was like:

No it didn’t… No it didn’t… YES IT DID!!!

7. TL;DW


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