Community Post: The Kyle Mooney Christmas Special Is The Only Christmas Special You Need

1. Kyle teaches us what the best part of Christmas is.

“Why are the holidays so great? No, it’s not dad’s boring stories. It’s because you get to see your cousins.”

2. Sometimes he gets confused.

It’s Christmas time, that time of the year you put a tree inside your house. What’s next? Putting a mountain inside?”

3. But it’s ok because he always eventually realizes where he is.

“Enough of the funny stuff now we got a great amount of treat for you….”

4. We get to see our favorite friend from High School, Chris, confront his Daddy issues via Christmas music video.

Daddy merry Christmas to me, because I found out how to become the man I don’t want to be.”

5. Speaking of people not right in the head, the stand up Comedian Bruce Chandling stops by to tell jokes.

“Stick a bow on it and I’m like, you know, close your door on the way out!”

6. But we learn Bruce is actually kind of sad.

“Despite your tough guy persona on the outside, you are really weak inside. And you’ve never experience love like this…but Santa’s great isn’t he??”

7. Now for Kyle’s favorite part, getting to interview Santa.

“I really do want to thank you from what I have in here for doing what you do…without him…there wouldn’t be any of us to believe in.”

8. Kyle doesn’t exactly like all of Santa’s answers.

“It’s a long ways to the north pole and it’s really cold there!”

9. But it’s no doubt that Santa is the man with the plan.

“Good luck with the sleigh.”

10. Todd shows up to teach us Christmas isn’t just about drinking and smoking egg nog.

“The true meaning of Christmas is your boys and family.”

11. Todd’s boy Ryan shows up to prove Ugly Christmas Christmas Sweaters are not actually gay, but fucking sick. Especially if you’re drinking or smoking.

“Honestly if you have an Ugly Christmas Christmas Sweater party, like that looks sick, like honestly, like cause everybody fucking, no that looks sick dude, you might think that usually looks gay, but that looks sick!”

12. Ryan and Todd finish off with some sake bombs.

“Sushi, if you haven’t had it, it’s more Japanese style for fish.”

13. As a last minute surprise, our favorite singer Juli Diamond makes an appearence to sing.

“It’s the one from the radio stars, AND she looks just as beautiful as I remembered, it’s Juli Diamonds!”

14. Juli has a secret that must be told…

“Meet me at club North Pole!”

15. Kyle is blown away by Juli’s song.

16. As the grand finale, Juli teaches Kyle to dance.

“Meet me at rub north poll..”

17. Happy Holidays from the Kyle Christmas Special!!!

18. Watch the whole 27:58 minute special here…

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