Community Post: The Best Of Fake Science

1. Why Do Cats Purr?


After this post shook the world, scientists were required to put if they liked cats or dogs better at the bottom of all their scientific papers.

2. How To Solve The Fossil Fuel Crisis


Thanks to this research, gas is free now.

3. Optical Illusions


These optical illusions captivated the world, or at least three or four babies.

4. Understand Groundhog Day


His secret revealed, Punxsatawney Phil left meteorology to study physics.

5. Avoid Smoking Cigarettes


Learning the truth about cigarettes boosted sales for chewing tobacco.

6. Why Are Sharks Attracted to Blood?


In light of this shark research, marine biologists are trying to get sharks to try mustard.

7. Research And Development


Shortly after this picture was taken, these scientists developed some of the cutest technology yet: hamster boots.

8. Why Do We Procrastinate?


Now that people understand procrastination, they can precrastinate (procrastinate ahead of time).

9. Be Bear Aware


Sadly this post didn’t do much to stop those bears. Look behind you, quickly!

10. What’s The Difference Between The Alligator and Crocodile?


Thanks to this post about the difference between alligators and crocodiles, 90% of all people know exactly what ate their baby.

11. Are Unicorns Real?


Now that they know the truth children have stopped believing in unicorns and devoted their lives to statistics.

12. Why Do Mosquitoes Itch?


Unfortunately, this science about why mosquitos itch was misinterpreted and people began dry cleaning their skin.

Thank you for following our science. The next year promises to be the best yet, so visit Fake Science for new lessons, amazing test tube discounts, and a more scientific life.

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