Community Post: Sh*t Canadians Living In The States Have To Deal With

1. When you first got here, it was awesome having this.

3. But now the novelty has worn off, and all you’re craving is a big bag of these.

4. Or one of these.

5. And of course one or five of these…

6. You know that cheese fries

7. will NEVER be poutine.

8. And were devastated when nobody knew what KD was.

Sure, “Mac & Cheese” tastes the same, but it’s gotta be KD!

9. When you ask for a Caesar everybody’s like “Huh??”

10. So you sourly settle for a Bloody Mary.

11. You don’t think you’ll ever take the U out of neighbour and colour. And

12. will always be called

13. Even when your American friends are like…

14. You don’t get why people think you say words like “Sorry” and “About” funny.

15. But since they do, you play along. And have convinced at least one person you were raised in an igloo.

16. And rode a dogsled to school.

17. When it comes to fast food, you settle for this…

18. …always really wishing it was this.

19. And whenever you fly home, you sneak these back to the States.

20. Speaking of food, since when are these Corn Pops?

21. And these are Smarties? WTF?

22. You’re always compared to Robin Scherbatsky.

Which is cool, as long as nobody digs too far into your past…

23. You proudly brag about successful Canadians like

26. Until someone brings up Justin Bieber, then you’re like….

27. You laugh at this contest.

28. But get confused when asked to pick up a fifth or a handle.

You still only speak mickey and 40.

29. And every time you have to double check your American bills, all you think is WOW, MONOPOLY MONEY IS WAY MORE PRACTICAL, EH?!!?!

30. You totally get the whole college football rivalry thing.

31. But long for somebody here to understand the Battle of Alberta.

32. Or the original six.

33. You love the Rob Ford scandal because you FINALLY have the chance to talk Canadian politics.

34. And finally, you don’t care who was wearing who on the red carpet…

35. Because this will always be the only fashion show that matters.

What sh*t do you have to deal with?

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