Community Post: Proof That Ian Somerhalder And Nina Dobrev Are The Most Perfect (Not To Mention Sexiest) Exes On The Planet

1. Earlier this summer the most perfect TV/real life couple Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev broke up.

2. And while Vampire Diaries fans around the world let out a collective…


3. We also wondered what type of TV exes they would be. Would they be unable to work closely together like Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush?


4. Or play it cool like exes Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter?

Well…mostly cool….

5. Well, lucky for VD fans…Ian and Nina are apparently the BEST exes EVER.

6. They’re fine attending/hanging out at events together…

Comic Con 2013, only months after their breakup.

7. And they remain super supportive of each other…

Instagram / Via

9. They even co-birthed puppies!

WhoSay / Via

10. Now, that’s ~*LOVE*~

Instagram / Via

11. And once again, last night at the People’s Choice Awards, these two proved that they were the best (not to mention sexiest) exes on the planet.

12. The dynamic duo won a People’s Choice Award for “Best On-Screen Chemistry” and they handled it like champs.

13. First, Ian escorted his former lady love to the stage like a total gentleman.

CBS / Via

Nina, I love you but WHY would you EVER let him go?

14. Then they made their way to the mic where Nina let Ian take the lead…

CBS / Via

15. Ian thanked all the fans and reminded us that this was “five years in the making.”

CBS / Via

Believe us Ian, Delena fans need no reminder about those wasted “Stelena” years.

16. Then Nina and Ian took us on a trip down VD memory lane.

CBS / Via

Ugh, don’t remind us.

CBS / Via

Party foul?

CBS / Via

Ya she did.

20. And then this magic happened…

CBS / Via
CBS / Via

Pretty sure that happened in reverse order, but we’ll let it slide.

CBS / Via

Did you HAVE to remind us? 🙁 🙁 🙁

CBS / Via


25. And then the duo exchanged this beautiful, not-awkward, awkward look…

CBS / Via

26. But most importantly, THIS happened…

CBS / Via
CBS / Via

And time stopped.

28. Watch the moment in all it’s glory here…

CBS / Via

P.S. Please get back together now?

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