Community Post: How Chinese Students Tell You To Protect The Environment

George, the last giant Galapagos Islands turtle who died last year, is “resurrected from the dead” to teach students and parents about the importance of environmental conservation in a Chinese primary school.

In this performance, the ghost of George meets up with animals of the Chinese Zodiac to show that they too could also become extinct unless our generation takes action. George highlights this point by bringing the flowers to life and starting a rave party.

My girlfriend and I are both English teachers and we were simply told that we must attend an event without explanation. We weren’t sure what we were getting into but we sure didn’t imagine that this what it.

This is one of the many performances given by the school. I posted both a short and the full version of this video. Check my other videos of this performance to see more crazy stuff. They include the kids dancing around George’s body, a wild animal techno dance party, a candlelight vigil for George’s death, and more.

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