Community Post: 8 Male Biathletes That Will Make You Watch This Sport

1. If combining skiing with shooting is not enough to keep you interested, I present to you 10 gorgeous male specimen whose presence makes every race even more exciting.

1. Tarjei Bø
This 25yo piece of Norwegian perfection has one Olympic gold medal and 7 World Championships victories. He’s had a rough start to this season, but it means that he needs all your support even more now, right? Just look into those wonderfully blue eyes. Plus, you know how sexually liberated these Scandinavians are…

3. He can be pretty dorky which is always welcome


4. But seriously, his eyes are pretty intense.

5. This is some Hollywood realness.

6. I dare you not to fall in love with this idiot after this video

Just look at him taking a candy from a baby at 1.19 – 1.21!

2. Martin Fourcade
He’s currently the best biathlete in the world with 26 straight podium finishes and his habit of passionately celebrating his victories has brought him quite a lot of haters. He still has to win an Olympic gold which means that he’ll be extra pumped in Sochi, but he’s already won the hearts of millions of ladies around the world. It’s all because of his amazing eyelashes, right?

8. He’s one smooth bastard.

9. I’m sure he’ll agree to move his medals a bit so that you can sit on his bed.

10. Ugh, those eyelashes.

3. Emil Hegle Svendsen
He’s one the greatest Norwegian biathletes ever with 2 Olympic golds and 11 World Championships titles under his belt. He’s incredibly fast and just a bit cocky, which is rather hot. As the rest of men’s Norwegian team, he had a rock start of the season but he’s undoubtedly going to get back on top really soon (is there a pun here? Now there is).

12. You just can’t help loving these Norwegians.

13. He’s a real viking.

14. Just lots of manly manliness.

4. Simon Fourcade
He’s Martin’s elder, less successful brother, but he’s probably even more popular in tabloids for his love for showing his amazing abs. And who are we to complain?

16. Yes, this man also does biathlon.

17. Catering to your teacher kink.


18. Why not finish off with some more abs?

5. Anton Shipulin
Judging by Russian social media, this man seems to be the most popular Russian athlete among ladies. I leave it to you to decide whether or not he deserves it, but it gives you some idea of what Russian average men look like.

20. I honestly don’t know what’s going on in this photoshoot.

21. Practising his bedroom eyes, I see.

22. Be careful or he’ll shoot you down.

6. Dmitry Malyshko
He’s the new star of Russian biathlon team and he’s yet to prove his consistency, but he doesnt need to prove his good looks.

24. I don’t know why he has blue contact lenses here.

25. His natural hazel eyes are much more beautiful.

26. And he’s got a really nice smile. Don’t you agree? He’s clearly waiting for your answer.

7. Ole Einar Bjørndalen
He’s already 39 and he’s a living biathlon legend with 6 Olympic golds and 19 World Championships victories. He may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but he just oozes traditional family values and warmth, even though he can be ruthless on skis. It might be his last season in sport, so don’t miss out on seeing someone that great still in action.

28. Nobody can deny his charm being at gunpoint.

29. Here’s some shirtlessness if you wanted.

30. He’s like fine wine.

8. Tim Burke
Biathlon isn’t popular in the US, but Tim is the reason why you should be interested. He’s not only cute, but also has one World Championships silver and 5 World Cup podiums. He even became the first American biathlete to briefly lead overall @orld Cup standings.

32. Look how sweet and festive he is.

33. You just can’t fight this smile.

34. Just an all-around charming fella.

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