Community Post: 7 Stories From The Last Week That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity (5/21/13)

1. College Baseball Team Saves Boy in the Middle of the Night

Photo: Samantha Knox of Millersville Athletics / Via

Mariano Rivera more has saves than anyone in the history of baseball, but none of those were as important as the late night save made by the Millersville University Marauders. As college kids do, the team was on a 1am munchies run, but this trip was a little different. The team saw Shane Norman hastily pull his car to the side of the road and begin shouting for help for his 1 year old son Braydin, who had been suffering from a 104 degree fever and seizures when he became unresponsive on the way to the hospital. The team then did what lots of college kids don’t do, they pulled over to help. While members of the team comforted the boy’s pregnant mother, shielding her from the rain, third baseman Tyler McDonald performed CPR and saved Braydin’s life. Full Story by Lancaster Online

2. Airplane Lands Without Landing Gear And No One Is Hurt

Photo: WABC-TV / Via

Out of every 10 times I jump into bed, I over shoot and roll off the side at least once. So I can only imagine that landing an airplane is much harder than that. And that landing one with 34 people on board with no wheels in the middle of the night without injuring anyone is probably more difficult than safely high jumping into a bunk bed (or saying that last sentence without taking a breath). However, the pilot of this flight did just that. Full Story by NY Daily News

3. Waitress Receives 7000% Tip

Photo by: WISH / Via

If you’re like me, the worst part of any meal is the check. Not just because you have to pay it (well ok, partly because you have to pay it), but mostly because “WTF IS 20% of $5.97?! $3? No that’s like 50%… But $2? is that enough, AHHH?” At an Indianapolis Steak ‘N Shake, where “Miss Jo” is a regular, she was left with a similar mind numbing brain teaser. So she did what many of us do, she over tipped… By 7000%. But her brain teaser was less “Me no know how to math” and more “those jerks at that table are giving my server CeCe a hard time, how do I make this better?” So Miss Jo helped the best way she could think of, by leaving a $446 tip that she refused to take back.
Video and Full Story on Yahoo.

4. Tampa Rays New Battery Mates? Returning Soldier Surprises Daughter

Photo: Big League Stew / Via

To the delight of the American League, Tampa Bay Rays ace David Price was recently put on the 15 day DL. To the delight of everyone else, their ceremonial first pitch catcher, Lt. Col. Will Adams, just returned from 2 years on a different DL, the Deployment List. These stories happen all the time, yet somehow not enough.. and they always bring a tear to your eye (unless you have no soul, or eyes… or tear ducts, in which case THE HELL are you doing reading this right now, see a doctor!) His daughter, Alayna Adams, believed the USO had arraigned for her to throw the opening pitch after a video message from her dad. What she didn’t know was that the man behind the catcher’s mask was her father. Video and Full Story on Yahoo

5. Tumblr Reader Prevents Suicide of 16 Year Old Stranger

Photo: Omar Ornelas/Desert Sun / Via

The Internet is full of dicks and assholes. And once you click of off Redtube for a minute you’ll find that the commenters on the internet are also Dicks and Assholes (get it…because Redtube is a porn site full of D’s and A’s. I find I’m at my best when I have to explain my jokes). 18 year old Jackie Rosas of Cathedral, CA is not one of those assholes. She’d been following the Tumblr of a girl whom she’d never met and knew nothing about other than her first name and that the posts were from a depressed young girl that was constantly cyber bullied by other readers. One night, the girl indicated her only escape was suicide. Rosas sprang into action armed with only the girl’s first name. She was relentless and was able to get paramedics to find the 16 year old, who had OD’d on prescription medicine at 1:30am over 2,700 miles away in Union Township, NJ, and saved her life. Full Story by NY Daily News

6. Helen Mirren Fulfills Dying Boy’s Last Wish… Kind Of

Photo: / Jane Burton / Via

“Well if you have cancer, then I’m the Queen of England,” said Dame Helen Mirren, probably less sarcastically than the way I typed it. Unfortunately, when 10 year old cancer patient Oliver Burton’s (with a name like that, this kid would’ve been destined to be a director), last wish to meet the Queen at Buckingham Palace proved impossible, Mirren wouldn’t accept that. After playing the Queen in the 2006 movie of the same name, Mirren now reprises her role on stage in “The Audience.” Mirren sent a limo for the boy and his family to see the show and then stayed completely in character upon meeting the boy backstage. “She stayed in character for the whole thing. Oliver thought she was the real Queen, and well, that’s good enough for us,” the boy’s father later told the Daily Mail. Full Story by the NY Daily News

7. This Kid Just Died. But Before He Did He Shared His Music With Millions

Video by: Soulpancake / Via

“I want everyone to know you don’t have to find out you’re dying, to start living,” said Zach Sobiech, who at the age of 14, found out he had a rare form of terminal cancer. Zach passed away on May 20th. However, before he died, he became a rock star, and millions of people got to see his music. Story by Upworthy

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