Community Post: 7 Reasons Why I Made Peace With Food And My Body Image.

Not only as a woman, but as humans we suffer an absurd amount of pressure to be ‘fit’ or ‘hot’ or whatever it is the media is telling us these days, and it can take a high price on our life quality.
So I have decided that I wouldn’t let that bother me anymore.. Here’s Why:

7. Beacuse My Grandma gets really happy when I eat her food.

It’s just sooooooooo delicious.

6. Because I LOVE CARBS.

And I’m not ashamed!

5. Because I Hate Going to A Restaurant and Feeling Guilty for Eating Delicious Food.

So I just don’t.

4. Because DESSERTS.

Now, this topic can go on forever… Pies, Chocolate, Cakes, More Pies, More Chocolate, Frostings, Candy Bars, …

3. Because I excercise to stay Healthy (also, because it’s fun).

Not to be fit.

2. Because eating delicious fruits and veggies should not be seen as an “obligation”.

They are so gooooooooooooooood!

1. Because I love myself too much to care about what society *thinks* I should look like.

Ru knows it!

If you’re still not conviencied, here’s Jennifer Lawrence

Just, trust her!

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