Community Post: 7 Best Versions Of “Let It Go”

1. The Original

Disney / Via

Let’s be real, the covers are great, but nothing will ever surpass the original masterpiece. Idina Menzel voicing a Disney princess in a gorgeously animated snow storm: Flawless.

2. The Official Baby Version

Little Ella / Via

No one can belt it out like Idina, except maybe for 4 year-old Ella. Listening to her adorable voice while watching Elsa’s sassy facial expressions is pure gold.

3. The Other Baby Version

Aaron Mendez / Via

What’s better than one adorable child singing a Disney song? How about TWO adorable children singing a Disney song! In this version you get the additional joy of seeing Maddie and Zoe’s faces as they sing (and sometimes yawn) their hearts out.

4. The Multi-Language Version

Disney / Via

Elsa might be singing about her isolation, but we are definitely not alone in our love of this song. Disney released this video cut together from 25 different languages the film was released in around the world.

5. The Google Translate Version

Malinda Kathleen Reese / Via

Malinda Kathleen Reese is a Youtube blogger and singer who’s covered a number of well known songs after running the lyrics through several layers of Google Translate. The result is a mangled but amusing message.

6. The Tribal Version

Alex Boye / Via

From Alex Boyé’s upcoming album Africanized, this cover combines the singing power of young Lexi Walker with a tribal style. This version is a new twist that is sure to bring back memories of another Disney classic, The Lion King.

7. The Classroom Instruments Version

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon / Via

As part of a recurring segment on The Tonight Show, Jimmy and The Roots preform “Let It Go” on classroom instruments with Idina Menzel herself, or Adele Dazeem as she was known post-Oscars.

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