Community Post: 50 Essential Christmas Hacks, Tips, And Tricks To Help You Survive The Holidays

1. Use crayons on a window for a fun way to let your kids make a ‘tree’

2. Paper Cone ‘Tree’

3. Wrap your lights around cardboard and ‘plug’ them in to avoid tangles.

4. You can also wrap them around a hanger for easy storage.

6. Use Scotch tape to avoid messing up your walls.

7. The Book ‘Tree’

8. Store breakable ornaments in coffee tins.

10. Recycled ornaments from light bulbs.

11. Cheap Bottle Cap Snowmen

12. Use paint chips to make gift tags.

13. The Candy ‘Tree’ (Your kids will love this).

14. Use a hot glue gun to make window snowflakes

15. Turn your fridge into a snowman

16. Word search wrapping paper.

17. After Christmas, use the branches of your trees to make spots on your lawn or walkways less muddy.

18. Strawberry Santas

19. Almond M&M Christmas ‘Lights’

21. Reindeer Pancakes.

22. You can also bake brownies in metal cookie cutters.

23. Christmas Cheese and Veggie Tray

24. Puff Pastry Christmas Tree

33. How to Wrap a Cat … Just Because.

34. HD Log Burning on Youtube

38. The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug (Dec 13)

39. American Hustle (Dec 13)

40. Anchorman 2 (Dec. 18)

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