Community Post: 24(601) Signs That You Love “Les Miserables”

1. You’ve been in it!

Via Photo by Cathy Kuehner

Who doesn’t love being in a show, especially one as monumental as Les Miserables!? You get to be part of one of the greatest musicals ever staged! What’s not to love!

2. 24601 only makes you think of one thing…


3. You can’t resist a “ONE DAY MORE” status

God forbid something is happening tomorrow, because you can stake your life on the fact a cast member will use it. (I did too…)

4. You can’t get enough of this vine

…and that’s totally fine. It’s brilliant.

5. You love Eponine

You’re not always her biggest fan (or you are), but there’s something about her that you can’t help but love. Everybody loves Eponine…except Marius.

6. You know all the lyrics to the songs

Which is not easy in a show that has about 50 songs in it. Valjean is impressed.

7. You’ve watched all the anniversary concerts

…even the one with Nick Jonas…


You love them. To their credit they are “Less Miserable” than other puns.

9. You can pronounce these names correctly


10. You know what “battle” they are fighting in the show

…it’s not the French Revolution. SHAME! It’s the June Rebellion. Dazzle your friends with that fact.

11. You’ve read or considered reading the novel

This book is no joke. You are a truly committed Les Miserables fan if you read this. You also realize how much is taken out for the musical, yet it still gets the point across.

12. You’d NEVER consider stealing a loaf of bread

…or RUNNING AWAY! 5 years is pretty steep for stealing a loaf of bread, but I guess it’s a walk in the park compared to getting 14 years for running from the law. Just don’t do it—even if your sister’s child is close to death.

13. You own a shirt with this girl’s face on it

You may also own posters/programs/blankets and other sweet swag.

14. Your automatic response to “RED” is…

“BLACK”. Duh, the dark of ages past. Everyone knows that!

15. You know who this man is

And even if you don’t—you know it’s Valjean. That’s Colm Wilkinson…FYI.

16. You love a good Les Mis parody

And since the movie came out, there are MANY more to choose from. Hilarious!

17. You have trouble not crying during the show/movie

Sometimes your emotions get the best of you, and no matter how many times you’ve seen it…it’s hard to watch them die. I mean “A little fall of rain” it’s not even fair.

18. You have a Les Mis crush

There is something appealing about every character. So it could be hard to chose. I love me some Javert.

19. You know the musical was originally written in French

I didn’t know this till recently. I didn’t believe my friend, but he was right! It was first a concept album in French and then it was changed to English for the full production.


It gives you chills.

21. You own the score

…even if you can’t sing or play piano. Don’t worry—there’s always “Master of the House”.

22. You know how to spell G-A-V-R-O-C-H-E

It’s not easy, but kuddos if you can! You may also know that Nick Jonas also played Gavroche.

23. You consider asking for a refund if the stage doesn’t rotate

If you are a lover of the stage productions of yore—then you MUST have your rotating stage, but you deal, because it’s expensive. It’s a true sign of love for the show—because it bothers you so much. Although, you know the rotating stage doesn’t make for an amazing production, it’s all about the characters!

24. “To love another person is to see the face of God” gets you EVERY TIME!

The perfect ending to the perfect musical.

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