Community Post: 24 Reasons You Need To Start Watching The O.C. Now

24. The DVD Player is getting dusty

So that strongly worded letter to Netflix demanding (begging?) that The O.C. be added to Instant TV shows was not taken sincerely. Take a break with your Netflix relationship and get back in the game with some trusty DVDs.

23. You’ve been missing early 2000s fashion lately…

Wait, where’s my choker? Don’t let #fomo get to you. More of Summer’s hottest outfits.

22. Our second love, Gossip Girl, is done. Time to move on, people.

NYC is out. West coast, best coast. #Settleford Lives On

21. Duke University offers a class about the show

Call me obsessed but I applied to Duke to take this course. So it’s kind of a big deal.

20. It’s the REAL Orange County

I think you’ve been mistaken. LC and Steph-ennnn will not be found anywhere near here.

19. The characters are just like you and your friends.

“Letters off, bottoms up”.

18. But you need a new Fab Four.

Ditch your old friends. The new crew hangs at the Bait Shop.

17. Because Rachel Bilson is cute, and funny.

In 2013, Rachel relives the glory days. She knows what’s up. Shouldn’t you?
“Chino? Ew.”

16. Meet your sarcastic, self deprecating, half-Jewish, adorably nerdy bff, Cohen.

You wish you were witty and famous at Comic-Con. Reasons why Seth should be your boyfriend.

15. Ryan Atwood is your new bad boy.

Owns 3 pairs of the same white wife-beater. Don’t judge.

14. Enjoy Mischa Barton before she went cray cray

Where the hell is Marissa right now anyway….you know you miss Misch before she was high off purp all the time.

13. You will love our girl Summer.

No really, she’s perfect.

12. You will accept that Taylor Townsend is really annoying, but we secretly sometimes, maybe, a little bit, love her.

I’ll just live vicariously through her adventures with foreign French lovers.

11. Sandy Cohen is the coolest dad you will every meet.

Those eyebrows are legen-wait for it-dary.

10. It’s the holiday season….aka time to celebrate Chrismukkah.

Welcome to holidays with the Cohens.

9. Get to know the world’s most perfect on screen couple

Seth and Summer 4ever.

8. Volchuk is hot.

Cam Gigandet’s abs. And arms. That face isn’t bad either. Zetus Lepetus.

7. Olivia Wilde.

Olivia kissing boys, Olivia kissing girls. Lots of tongue. Oh you didn’t know she was in this? She was, is, and forever will be, the sexiest woman alive.

6. This soundtrack is cotton candy for your ears

Like, I know your first concert was Phantom Planet opening for Maroon 5 circa 2005.The O.C. made “Indie” a thing before it was cool. Also, you will never listen to Wonderwall the same way again. And if Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah doesn’t bring you to tears, it will now.

5. There is a freaking epic theme song


4. You will ship Ryan and Marissa.

Or won’t you…Ugh, the feels.

3. Meet Mr. Josh Schwartz, my hero.

Creator of every magical show ever created (Chuck, GG, Carrie Diaries, Hart of Dixie). He is a pretty unicorn that makes trash tv so sweetly addicting. I think I wanna marry you, Josh.

2. The Best Thing That Happened So Far in 2013

If you watched, you would know just how this crossover feels. Leighton Meester is ENGAGED to Adam Brody. Such young, beautiful, perfect love. Seth and Blair, Blair and Seth. Dreams do come true. AND NOW THEY’RE MARRIED

1. Just hit play.

Welcome to the O.C., Bitch.

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