Community Post: 20 Reasons Why Macklemore Should Be President

1. He’s a great public speaker. / Via Tumblr

2. He firmly supports marriage equality.

3. He’ll shop at thrift stores instead of spending government money on luxury brands. / Via Tumblr

4. Because Elmo loves him.

5. His killer haircuts.

6. His stance on suicide prevention. / Via Tumblr

7. He’s chill with NBA players.

8. He owns a pair of Batman pajamas.

10. Because he and his fiance would be the perfect first couple.

11. Immigration reform…

12. Because of what he said in this inspirational speech about injustice. / Via Youtube

13. He’d look great on Mount Rushmore. / Via Tumblr

14. He can relate to millions of Americans.

15. Because of his understanding of consumerism through his song “Wings”.

16. He makes fighting alligators look easy.

17. This is his best friend Ryan Lewis. He’s set for Vice President.

18. Macklemore is very patriotic.

19. Because of this interview on Chelsea Lately.

20. Because he’s environmentally friendly.

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