Community Post: 11 Reasons Every Coug Needs A Swagga Suit For Christmas

It’s time for Santa & the elves to get busy… because this needs to be under every Cougs Christmas tree this year…

1. Pullman is freaking freezing

Girls can’t be staying warm in those yoga pants and uggs

2. Highlight those Cougar Calves

Seriously… how is everything uphill in Pullman?

3. They look good on everyone

Look at the way it hugs their curves & hides all their trouble spots…

4. They even look good on old people!

There’s nothing Ol’ about this Ol’ Crimson anymore 😉

5. They keep you cozy at football games

Great for Him & Her pics!

6. We’re going to the New Mexico Bowl

It’s going to be a little chilly, you can’t be hiding the Ol’ Crimson under a bunch of layers!

7. You need a ‘Driving Suit’ for those long drives to Pullman

Nothing makes the long drive to Pullman fly by like being completely encompassed with SWAG.

8. It has 2 sets of pockets to store all your many… belongings.

Because we all have a lot of belongings we can’t go to the game without…

9. You can have SWAG even when you pee

Seriously. Don’t look like that loser on the right.

10. The hood zips all the way up to protect your innocent eyes from scarring campus art.

How could anyone even call this thing art?!

11. Klay Thompson wears ‘em

And he is a freaking BAWSE!

So what’re you waiting for? Go order yours now at You’ll have so much SWAG, you’ll even get THIS guys attention…

& that’s saying something!

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