College Soccer Player’s Startling Hair Transformation

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Internet, it’s time to get to know Evan Seltzer, a soccer player at Vassar College in upstate New York.

Seltzer, a senior defender this year, has had a nice college career. He has scored a few goals and picked up some assists. Last year, he was named to both the All-Liberty League Second Team and Liberty League All-Academic squad. But his finest contribution isn’t on the field at all.

ExtraMustard first pointed out Seltzer’s delightfully bizarre poses and haircuts in his official team headshots.

The weirdness started in 2010, when Seltzer was a freshman, and only got stranger from there.

His freshman photo:

His sophomore photo from 2011, featuring a greasy mess of hair and a creepy handlebar ‘stache:


His junior photo from 2012:


And finally, the coup de grace. Below is Seltzer’s photo for this season. Note the — err, unique — ‘do, which is probably best described as some sort of hairy inverted face halo.


It gets even better. To ensure you dream about Seltzer’s hair tonight, we turned his photos into a never-ending GIF:

Evan Seltzer

Seltzer says he aspires to become an elected official because “I really think I have the professionalism that this country needs.”

Well played, Seltzer. You may not make the big leagues, but you’ll always be a soccer legend in our hearts.

Seltzer 2016, baby.

Images: Vassar Athletics

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