Candidate takes his ‘war on Fox News’ to Greta Van Susteren [video]

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It’s a tall order, but Democrat Mike Dickinson isn’t only hoping to take Rep. Eric Cantor’s seat in the House; he’s also declared war on the Tea Party, the NRA and Fox News. That caught the attention of Greta Van Susteren, who invited Dickinson on her show Thursday to explain his war on Fox. That might not have been the best place to show off his limited arsenal.

Something tells us Dickinson doesn’t watch a lot of Fox News. Rest easy, though; he might have lost this battle on the enemy’s turf, but his war isn’t over yet.

The reviews are in.!/StLNetworkGuru/status/454404748204969984!/Halterman37/status/454409089003433984

Is this Dickinson’s new campaign slogan? If so, it’s a winner.!/VoteMike2014/status/454397748306259968

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