Canadian car dealership uses positive radio ad to try to catch thieves

About a year ago, NorthStar Ford in Fort McMurray, Alberta responded to being robbed by running this radio spot…

Here’s a transcript, in case that’s helpful for you…

Marty Giles here for NorthStar Ford. I know you’ve heard of our Family Pricing Initiative. Over the weekend, however, Northstar Ford had some non-family members come steal some rims and tires off a new Harley truck, a new Mustang, and a new F-150 FX4.

Instead of getting mad about it, I thought I would turn it into a positive, as that is what we do at Northstar Ford. And, we try and help the community. If you give us a tip, or the RCMP a tip, that leads to the recovery of these tires and rims, and arrest of these criminals, we will give you ten thousand dollars. We will also give ten thousand dollar to a Wood Buffalo charity of the RCMP’s choosing.

Now, if these criminals return these rims and tires, I will call off the posse — no harm, no foul. You think one of your pals won’t turn you in for ten grand? Better return those, Skippy, as I get a great deal on commercials, and I’ll run them forever until you get caught. Was your friend really on a cell phone right now talking to his sister? Or maybe he was calling us to turn you in. You can’t be too sure.

Come on, Wood Buffalo, let’s get together and catch these criminals, and raise money for a good cause. You, and a charity in Wood Buffalo, get to win ten thousand upon the arrest and ten thousand will go to the community for a great cause that the RCMP chooses.

Northstar Ford — the way the ratting out your friend experience should be.

In an interview a few months after the theft, the owner of the dealership said there had been no tips, but that the reward remained available. And now, a full year since the original offer, there are still no reports of the ad having been effective in catching the criminals. Too bad…

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