Can the New HTC One Swim?

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The new HTC One may only be a few hours old, but the stress tests have already begun. It’s already passed one: The new flagship Android phone turns out to be remarkably water-resistant.

The gang at TechSmartt decided to risk sacrificing a shiny new HTC One M8 by immersing it in water for over an hour. When they took it out, everything was fine — they just had to wipe the screen clear of water, and the phone was as good as new.

The new HTC One doesn’t have an official waterproof spec, so it’s hard to say why the phone is so resistant to water, but it could be due to vigilant sealing of internal components or even a waterproof nano coating. As the video narrator Keaton Keller mentions, most phones malfunction after just a few minutes of submersion, which syncs up pretty well with our experience.

The phone in the video was submerged only a few inches, while noteworthy waterproof ratings go down to several feet. If you’re in the market for a waterproof phone, there are certainly options: Sony’s recent Xperia phones and the Samsung Galaxy S5 boast water resistance as a differentiating feature.

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