BuzzFeed Bets: Will Vinny Del Negro Be Fired This Week?


2. NO: Kevin

Bret Hartman / AP

Look, I know they’ve lost 12 of their last 20. I’m intimately familiar with Vinny’s look of perpetual confusion. I get that his style of “coaching” is limited to crossing his arms and thinking about SpaghettiOs. But the Clippers are fourth in the West, and they’ve got a cushy week ahead, drawing New Orleans, Phoenix, and Portland, with days off in between each game. Del Negro’s definitely not long for the unemployment queue, but it’ll be long enough so that he can watch Jack’s online contrition.

3. YES: Jack

Michael Conroy / AP

Vinny Del Negro will be out of a job by this time next week. Why? Because even though Donald Sterling paying two coaches seems about as likely as Donald Sterling paying for the life-saving surgery of one of his employees, this isn’t a retread of the Mike Dunleavy situation. Dunleavy’s Clippers sucked, so he avoided the axe for a long time. It wasn’t like they were going to compete anyway. But these Clippers have the talent to make a deep playoff run (which would make a good deal of money for Uncle Donald), and as the Knicks recently showed, sometimes all a team needs is a change of leadership.

Also as Kevin points out, the Clips’ next three games are against New Orleans, Phoenix, and Portland. But where he sees this as VDN’s salvation, I think it will be his downfall. Because when you lose to three crappy teams, it’s hard to justify your job. I look forward to hearing Kevin’s singing voice. I assume he sounds like a cross between Taylor Swift and Jermaine Jackson.

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