Boy steals show with otherwordly voice – wait till you see who comes out behind him

Because of You is the incredible performance by Ronan Parke in this 2011 episode of “Britain’s Got Talent. The crowd is totally stunned by the performance, which was originally recorded by the American Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson.

Heres what Judge David Hasselhoff had to say: “Ronan, I actually wrote down, ‘Ronan will win this competition if he nails it. And, buddy, you nailed it. It was perfect.”

Ronan was clearly overwhelmed by the attention and went from smiling to near crying at the wonderful response he was receiving.

Unfortunately some controversy followed as someone said he was being groomed by Simon Cowell for his record label. Cowell responded with the following:

“This is a deliberate smear campaign, and it is my job to ensure that, whoever this liar is, is exposed and this kid is treated in the same way as everyone else.”

This false controversy may have cost him the first place winner slot though, as he ended up coming in second and Jai McDowall was the winner. Whether that was the case or not, he still is an amazing performer and did extremely well. Not to mention he apparently ended up receiving a 1 million recording contract!

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